Quality-assured auditing gives you credibility and added value

In Nexia Stockholm, your company will have an auditor that continuously follows up your company’s finances and is committed to its development. This will ensure that you have the right financial information on which to base your business decisions.

Our quality-assured auditing also means that your company can provide proof to the authorities, banks, suppliers and clients that your finances and organisation are in good order.

This will help secure faster credit decisions, lower credit costs and will ensure that business relations can remain focussed on the business at hand.

Our auditors have gained experience from a large number of companies in many different industries. This, along with our skill, personal commitment to and knowledge of your company, allows us to offer efficient and profitable solutions for both you and your company.< /p>

We feel that it is important to be consistent with competence and employees over several years in order to ensure efficient, high-quality auditing.

Through our international network, Nexia International, we have close personal cooperation with accountants, auditors and consultants across the world, and can therefore offer the same high quality and personal service on a global level.